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Our Mission

We inspire vulnerable youth to unlock their life's potential.

About CYF

Celebrate You Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit located in Tacoma WA. We build youth leadership skills and social emotional intelligence by providing practical hands-on entrepreneurial opportunities and education through our social cause, birthday parties for foster children.


We envision being Pierce County’s hub for youth entrepreneurship, increasing graduation rates of vulnerable youth by offering alternative credit for completing our courses and increasing Pierce County’s workforce and business community by training and supporting foundationally strong business owners.

Our Approach

On the journey to helping youth reach their life's potential, we first recognize the fragile state of vulnerable youth and honor that through integrity, respect, and compassion. Our current and future programming, staff, and community partners MUST agree to do the same.

Our three keys to success begins with celebrations. We celebrate youth on their birthday and every other milestone in between to let them know they are valued, worthy and we care about them. We pride ourselves in providing youth with programming that gives them access to reaching their life's potential through unique opportunities like our entrepreneurial program Let's Go, our Summer Business Tour, and workshops in self-awareness 

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The way a child views themselves impacts the way they make decisions to show up in the world. Vulnerable youth experiencing foster care or other adversities need targeted social emotional tools, meaningful relationships, and strategic supports in their life as early as possible. Our celebrations encompass just that, by making sure foster children know that their birthday is not just another day.
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The abilities to understand one’s own emotions, thoughts, and values and how they influence behavior across contexts. This includes capacities to recognize one’s strengths and limitations with a well-grounded sense of confidence and purpose. This is the work that is going to help vulnerable youth reach their life's potential. 
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The fact is, college isn’t for everyone, and there is NOTHING wrong with that. CYF recognizes this and is willing to meet students where they are to help move them through the introduction and exploration of entrepreneurship in a safe, low-risk environment. We want to nurture them through their educational journey by supporting the whole child and increasing positive life outcomes for vulnerable youth.

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You can't be
what you
can't see 

-Marian Wright Edelman-

Inspire a youth with your words of wisdom or the story of one of your biggest mistakes by joining our "Plan to Fail Campaign". We want to help youth shift their mindset around what it means to "fail" by showing them real life examples of how your mistake lead to an action plan that made your business better! 

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