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Business Interest Form

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One of our commitments is to engage and partner with the community to support more vulnerable youth. When you agree to partner with us, you are helping more vulnerable youth know that entrepreneurship is a very real option for their futures. 


We are no longer accepting business applications for the 2021 Let's Go Summer Business Tour, but

You can still help

We want business of all sizes, in any stage, led by all genders and ethnicities that represent our great city.  You can have a Brick and Mortar, be a Pop-up-Shop, our run your business out of your home. We want to make these youth's experience as rich and dynamic as possible.

Don't be shy, we need your beginning, middle and end

Join our "Fail to Plan" Campaign where you can share a time when you "failed" and how it lead to a success or lesson learned in your business. You can also share words of wisdom, something you wished you would have known when you first started,  or anything that will inspire the next generation of youthpreneurs.  


Your stories will be put into a free workbook for download for aspiring youthpreneurs everywhere! Your impact will reach farther than the four walls of your business! 

Fail to Plan Campaign 

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