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  • Aviance Tate

...I felt inspired to help out. Our FIRST fundraiser!!!

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

I got an email from a woman who stopped by our booth who wanted to help out, read on to see how she raised Celebrate You $150!


My name is CS. I met you Sunday evening in Wright Park. I think your organization is amazing and

I felt inspired to help out.

My son is turning 1 this week and we're having a little birthday party for him on Sunday. I'd like to set up a fundraiser for your organization where guests can bring a small cash donation in lieu of a birthday present, which I will collect and then give to you.

My goal is to raise $100.

I'm hopeful that this will both raise some money for you guys and also spread the word about your organization. I just love what you're doing!

I was so excited to see how people rallied around this idea and helped us raise $150. It was a great way to raise funds and promote awareness around your organization. 



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