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Intern With Us

Whether you want to learn how a nonprofit runs, cultivate your leadership skills, produce marketing and social media content, or write grants, Celebrate You Foundation welcomes you! 

Our interns have the unique opportunity to be a part of passion work that is paving the way for the fostering community as the only organization in the Greater Puget Sound region that offers birthday parties for foster kids. If you find yourself connected to our mission or wanting your internship to be making a difference in real-time, then apply today! 

Open Positions

Marketing Specialist Internship 

Grant Writing Internship




To apply, send your resume and cover letter to with the title


of the internship you are applying for in the subject



Meet Emily

Emily is a current marketing student at Washington State University and a holds a position as a Marketing Specialist Intern. Additionally, Emily works in retail and enjoys helping her community in any way she can.

Emily has played an integral role in many marketing materials and social media posts that have engaged our audience and created awareness of our campaigns. 

Before the pandemic, Emily volunteered her time to help tutor local elementary school kids. After she graduates next year, she hopes to use her degree to continue to make a positive impact within her community.

We are thankful for the opportunity to work with such amazing talent!

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