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Let's Go!

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Summer Business Tour 

We are changing the way “systems” view our vulnerable youth by introducing them to entrepreneurship. We provide practical tools and guidance toward independence as they unlock their life's potential. A financially successful person is empowered to make their own decisions and control their own outcomes. They get to show up in the world in their truth and have better access to the life they want for themselves.

Foster care students-or any youth for that matter, success shouldn’t be measured by their acceptance into a four-year university. Many who have experienced childhood trauma have physical damage to the brain triggered by toxic stress that alters their activity and influence over their emotions and body. 

The fact is, college isn’t for everyone, and there is NOTHING wrong with that. CYF recognizes this and is willing to meet these students where they are to help move them through the introduction and exploration of entrepreneurship in a safe, low-risk environment. We want to support them through the rest of their educational journey and see them through to a successful graduation knowing entrepreneurship is a very real option for their career.

We introduce youth to entrepreneurship because of the power that it has to change their lives and we think that kids need to know that it is an option for their future sooner. We believe that we all should have a practical skill base that can be applied immediately so that they can always have a way to make money.

During our Summer Business Tour, students  will complete workshops on business basics, but more importantly, we are going to focus on the deeper stuff like leadership style, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and social emotional learning.

Below you will find a more information, including a sample schedule. Ready for your introduction to entrepreneurship?  Click the button below.

I'm a youth aged 13-18* years old 19-24 in the Extended Foster Care  that's ready to learn about entrepreneurship

I'm a business that wants to help introduce youth to entrepreneurship



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