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Business Interest Form

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Has your business been looking for a way to give back to your community?  

Many business owners start their business with the goal in mind to give back, others reach their goals and receive accolades, and are left asking themselves "What now?" Some businesses want to give back, but have not found the time to figure out how to make it happen. 

We've got you covered!  

Sign up for the Let's Go Summer Business Tour 


One of our commitments is to engage and partner with the community to support more vulnerable youth. When you agree to partner with us, you are helping to more vulnerable youth know that entrepreneurship is a very real option for their futures. 

We want business of all sizes, in any stage, led by all genders and ethnicities that represent our great city.  You can have a Brick and Mortar, be a Pop-up-Shop, our run your business out of your home. We want to make these youth's experience as rich and dynamic as possible.

So don't be shy, we need your beginning. middle, and end. 

So what's the commitment?  

Just do you boo! Your life experiences, grit, and personality is what got you where you are today. Our youth need your authenticity and honesty about business so they can build their thoughts and ideas about entrepreneurship from a place of truth.

For 1 hour during the summer, we will either bring a small group of youth to your place of business* or you will come to us**.

  • You will share about your business, it's history, and an inspirational message for the youth

  • You will engage in a Q&A for about 30 minutes with youth

  • You will provide a tour or a behind the scenes look into your business. 

  • Students may patronize your business

  • Pictures will be taken of students inside your business

*We are able to bring youth to some Brick and Mortar business. This will be determined during your orientation. 

**Businesses that do not have a physical location or a location that will not support safe social distancing for youth will be asked to present at our Tacoma location. 

 Yup, I'm ready to change the life of a youth!   

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