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Cele'bundt'ing You

Happiest 'Bundt'day

Prettiest Princess

Delicious Wishes

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Don't worry, no matter what you choose for your kiddos, it will only make their birthday even better! 

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A reusable bag filled with everything you need to celebrate your kiddo with up to 10 guests. 


 Birthday Bundle

A sweet treat of your choice from one of our proud sponsors. 

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Once it's safe, we'll see you again for our monthly community birthday event!

Who can receive a Birthday Bundle?

Celebrate You Foundation provides Birthday Bundles for foster children who currently live in a Washington State licensed foster home or licensed relative care. The family must have a current placement letter for each child receiving our services.

How can I get a Birthday Bundle?

To receive a Birthday Bundle fill out the request form below. You will receive a confirmation email in 24 hours with further details. Birthday Bundles must be picked up by families. There is no cost to foster or birth families. 


Celebrate You Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Washington State non profit and is able to provide services for kiddos using monetary and in-kind donations. CYF is also a vendor with Washington State and bills the state for some services we provide. 


You may be contacted by your social worker to verify your request for the service as we bill the state for some services we offer. 

When should I fill out the Request Form?

We ask that all requests are made at least three to five business days before the birthday/event, due to the volume of parties and personalization of the products, we cannot guarantee requests made in less than five business days prior to the birthday/event. Please call (253)-298-8216 for emergent requests. 

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